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Open Floor Plan Projects

“We want to bust out this wall”, “Can you remove this supporting wall?”, “This wall has to go”, “We want to open up the wall between kitchen and den”, “We hate this wall”

These are all very common phrases we hear from our customers. In most cases it’s because the current layout of their home (usually built between 50’s and 90’s) doesn’t suit the current lifestyle of their family. Rather than sell their home and move, which is very expensive, another option is to change the floor plan of their existing home. Let’s face it, older houses seem to have much smaller rooms than newer homes. Think of the exterior walls and roof as a large shell, and then reconfigure the new walls and partitions inside as needed for a modern family. An example is most families barely use their dining rooms (maybe Christmas and Thanksgiving) so it seems like a waste to have a whole room dedicated to that. Large kitchen islands with seating are hugely popular now so that cooking doesn’t involve working in a separate room and then bringing food out to another. Guests and family can all interact at the “breakfast bar” while seated and talking to the chef(s) in the kitchen. And you can also watch the TV from there! Bonus!

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