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Shea M – Kitchen Remodel

We have a team of experienced remodelers and designers working on each of our beautiful projects. At Millwood Remodeling & Design, every client’s vision is the blueprint that we design beside them. One of our recent and most rewarding projects was a complete overhaul of a 70’s style kitchen and den. The homeowners, a delightful couple with a keen eye for design and two charming cats, entrusted us with transforming their space. Their warmth and enthusiasm made this project particularly special for our team.

The Challenge: Outdated Layout and Infrastructure

The primary challenge of this project lay in the existing layout and infrastructure of the home. The 70’s design featured closed-off spaces that were common during that era but feel cramped and isolated by today’s standards. The kitchen was tucked away, making it difficult for the couple to host and interact with guests while cooking. Additionally, the outdated installations and finishes needed a complete upgrade to incorporate modern conveniences and aesthetics.

Our Approach: Opening Spaces and Integrating Modern Features

To bring this kitchen into the 21st century, our first task was to open up the walls, which instantly transformed the feel of the entire ground floor. Removing these barriers not only visually expanded the space but also improved the flow between the kitchen and the den, fostering a more inclusive environment perfect for social gatherings.

Installing new J&K kitchen cabinets and sleek quartz countertops immediately elevated the kitchen’s style and functionality. The choice of materials not only modernized the look but also provided the durability needed for a frequently used kitchen. One of the standout features we added was a workstation sink, which is a multifunctional solution perfect for prep, cleaning, and even entertaining tasks, proving essential for homeowners who love to cook and host.

Flooring was another critical aspect of this remodel. We opted for high-quality materials that would stand up to traffic, potential spills, and the antics of the couple’s playful cats. LED lighting was strategically planned to enhance the ambience and functionality of the space. This included under-cabinet lights for task areas and softer overhead lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout the kitchen and den.

Overcoming Challenges: Maintaining Aesthetic and Functional Balance

One of the significant challenges we faced was integrating all the modern conveniences without sacrificing the home’s original charm. It was crucial to maintain a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, ensuring the space did not feel overly industrial. Our design team worked closely with the homeowners to select finishes and fixtures that reflected their personal style while incorporating the latest trends and technologies.

Additionally, the presence of the homeowners’ cats meant that every choice from materials to layout had to be pet-friendly. This included selecting durable, easy-to-clean surfaces and creating spaces that were safe and accessible for their furry companions, such as incorporating discrete feeding stations and easy-access water sources.

The Outcome: A Transformation Celebrated

The final result was nothing short of spectacular. The newly remodeled space is not only visually stunning but also highly functional, tailored to the needs of the homeowners and their beloved cats. The open floor plan has transformed how the couple lives and entertains, bringing them closer to their guests and to each other.

Fabulous work by our lead contractor, Esteban, and his crew ensured that the project was executed flawlessly, with high-quality craftsmanship evident in every detail. The homeowners were thrilled with the transformation, and we at Millwood Remodeling & Design feel privileged to have been part of such a significant change in their lives.

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