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Richard J – Kitchen Remodel

At Millwood Remodeling & Design, we believe that a well-executed renovation can breathe new life into any space, blending history with modernity in ways that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. We are proud to highlight one of our most beautiful transformations to date—a comprehensive remodel of a 1960’s home that redefines open concept living.

Initial Challenges and Our Approach

The home, originally constructed in the 1960s, featured a sunken den and multiple dividing walls, typical of the architectural style of that era, which compartmentalized living spaces and often made them feel cramped. Our client’s vision was to modernize the space, making it more open and conducive to contemporary living and entertaining. The challenge was to reconfigure the home’s layout without compromising its structural integrity or the cohesive look of the interiors.

Our approach began with the removal of the dividing walls to create an open floor plan. To support the new layout, we installed new LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) double headers above the ceiling line. This technique not only ensured the structural stability of the home after the removal of load-bearing walls but also allowed for a seamless ceiling look throughout the living area.

Design Features and Innovations

A key feature of the remodel was the installation of multiple 4-inch white LED recessed lights equipped with dimmers. This lighting setup was designed to enhance the ambiance and versatility of the space, allowing the homeowners to adjust the lighting to suit any occasion, from a bright, lively gathering to an intimate dinner.

The kitchen received a major overhaul with new cabinetry from J&K Cabinetry. The modern design and high-quality materials of the cabinets changed the entire feel of the home, aligning it with current trends in home design and functionality. The new layout of the kitchen ensures that it is not only a place for cooking but also a central hub for entertaining and social interaction.

We also installed new solid oak hardwood flooring throughout the home. This flooring was hand-scraped and finished in place, providing a unique, artisanal touch that is both luxurious and durable. The new baseboards and trim complemented the flooring and contributed to the overall elegance of the home.

The Outcome

The transformation of this 1960’s home is truly a testament to the expertise and dedication of Millwood Remodeling & Design. The new open layout, enhanced by sophisticated design choices and high-quality materials, has turned an outdated house into a stunning modern home that the owners are incredibly proud of.

This project not only reflects our commitment to quality and attention to detail but also our ability to adapt and innovate in response to the specific needs and visions of our clients. The homeowners now enjoy a space that is perfectly suited to modern living, combining the charm of the past with the convenience and style of the present.

Your Home Could Be Next

Are you inspired by this transformation? Do you see potential in your own home for a similar renewal? Millwood Remodeling & Design is here to help turn your vision into a reality. With our expertise in custom design and remodeling, we can guide you through every step of the process to ensure a result that exceeds your expectations.

Contact Millwood Remodeling & Design today to discuss your own remodeling project. Let us help you create a space that you will love and be proud to share with others. Call us now and take the first step towards transforming your home into your dream living space.

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