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Frisco Bathroom Remodel for Leslie G

Elegance and Innovation: A Dual Bathroom Transformation in Frisco by Millwood Remodeling & Design

At Millwood Remodeling & Design, we believe every space in a home has the potential to be extraordinary. Our recent project in Frisco, where we remodeled both a primary and a guest bathroom in just 6 weeks, stands as a testament to this belief. This endeavor was not just about renovation; it was about reimagining spaces to create something both beautiful and functional.

The Challenge

The primary bathroom presented a unique challenge. It featured an outdated, split layout popular in the 1980s, complete with a cultured marble tub and vanities. The layout was awkward, and the space needed a complete overhaul to bring it into the modern era.

Our Solution

The transformation began with gutting the entire bathroom suite. We redesigned the shower and tub configurations to optimize space and functionality. A key feature of this remodel was the rotation and installation of a gorgeous freestanding soaker tub, accompanied by a high-flow Kohler tub filler. This tub became a focal point of the bathroom, exuding luxury and relaxation.

To complement the tub, we used stunning brushed gold trim throughout the bathroom, creating a sense of opulence and continuity in design. The tile work was equally impressive, with 24×48 porcelain tiles laid with precision, featuring 1/16” grout lines for a sleek and modern look. The shower enclosure, boasting double entry doors and an 8-foot height, added to the grandeur of the space. The addition of a chandelier above the tub brought a touch of elegance and personalization, making this bathroom not just a room, but a retreat.

The Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom received equal attention to detail and design. We converted the existing tub to a shower, a practical and stylish update. The installation of a new floating vanity and a gold glass sink immediately elevated the room’s aesthetic. The background wallpaper behind the vanity unit and the LED mirror were thoughtful touches that added depth and character to the space. LED strip lighting underneath the vanity created a visually striking effect, blending functionality with modern design elements.

The Result

The completion of these bathrooms marked one of our favorite transformations. The primary bathroom, once awkward and dated, became a luxurious and cohesive space. The guest bathroom transformed into a modern, inviting area, impressing both guests and homeowners alike. Our clients were extremely happy with the outcome, and their satisfaction is a source of pride for our team.

Your Bathroom, Reimagined

This project showcases our commitment to transforming spaces into personalized havens. At Millwood Remodeling & Design, we understand that a bathroom is more than just a functional space; it’s a sanctuary. Whether you seek a spa-like retreat or a modern, efficient space, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life.

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