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Carpet Installation

Looking to replace worn carpet?

Get rid of that old carpet and upgrade! Millwood Remodeling offers high quality carpet installation as part of our remodeling business. We offer a large variety of beautiful carpet including plush, freise and patterned styles, with a big selection of colors.

Our team is ready to help you add carpet to spruce up your living space with the highest quailty carpet that stands up to traffic with a quick professional installation that you’ll love for years.

(Minimum order must be 350 sq feet or more)

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Carpet Types

There are 4 main styles of carpet and Millwood Remodeling will help you pick the right style and color for your space.


Also called cut pile, is a great choice for high traffic areas. It’s smooth surface provides a traditional look. Similar types include Saxony and Cable.

Recommended locations: Main living areas, Hallways, Living rooms


Loop Carpet, also known as Berber, provides maximum durability for high traffic areas. The perfect solution for active rooms.

Recommended locations: Recreation rooms, Basements, Workout rooms


Distinctive looks make a visual impact. Large or small, their designs set any room apart. They are also called cut & loop or sculptured carpets.

Recommended locations: Formal rooms, Dining rooms, Basements


Twist, or frieze, carpet is casual and stylish, yet durable. These styles gives rooms a modern and updated look.

Recommended locations: Bedrooms, Sitting rooms, Media rooms

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